Premier Pet Services

(4325 Main Street)
Kelley Wade, owner of Premier Pet Services, has been a professional dog walker for the last six years. When her dog, Franz, lost his battle to Degenerative Myelopathy, she wanted to find a way to honor him and expand her services by doing something more than dog walking.
“I used to take him to physical therapy and I realized how expensive that was,” Kelley said. “The machine we used, the water treadmill, is so versatile that I realized I could use it for agility training, weight loss, arthritic dogs and more. I said to myself that could be something I could do for my dog’s legacy: to open a wellness center for dogs.”
Not only does Premier Pet Services offer the incredibly beneficial water treadmill sessions, Kelley and her team also provide full service grooming and decompression training to get your four-legged friend more comfortable with the grooming process. Kelley also recently began a retail aspect to her business featuring products that will keep your dog healthy. Kelley prides herself in saying that there is no breed discrimination whatsoever at Premier Pet Services, so dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome at Manayunk’s newest pet-friendly business.