Pizza Jawn

(4330 Main Street)
David Lee, owner of Manayunk Athletics and Pizza Jawn, has had a passion for making pizza for more than 15 years. Starting out of his home oven using frozen dough, he truly began to craft his style after a one-on-one meeting with Joe Beddia and the purchase of his first portable pizza oven that he bought off of Ebay. After a series of pop-ups at breweries and house parties, “Pizza Jawn” took on a life of its own as David grew a devoted armada of social media followers and started booking events six to eight months in advance prior to COVID.
David’s three signature pies are the “Round” (a Neapolitan/NY style hybrid), “Grandma Style” (a Grandma/Sicilian hybrid), and the Detroit style. But if you want to get a taste of his pizza, make sure you preorder a week in advance because they’re going fast.
“One thing we’re trying to do is bring more people to Main Street,” David said. “We have a huge following and we can drive people to come here and encourage them to check out the local stores while they’re waiting. Really, it’s such a great community of the businesses and the people that live here. I love to see how the street has grown over the years.”