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By Janine Gasarowski

Photography by Melissa Kelly

The Ultimate Guide to Pizza in Manayunk
From classic, to gourmet, and even late night cravings, Manayunk has all the pizza options you could want and more. Right in the heart of Manayunk, you can find 14 different hot spots for pizza, each with their own niche style. You can never have too much pizza – especially when they are all different! Here is a deep dive into Manayunk’s pizzerias and what they each have to offer.

Pizza Jawn
Starting off strong, we have Pizza Jawn! You have probably seen them all over social media, and may have even watched them as a contestant in the Good Morning America Best Pizza Search, or on Hulu’s Best in Dough. David from Pizza Jawn turned his love for dough making into a mobile pizza company. Soon enough, his pizza took off and Pizza Jawn quickly became a popular name around Philadelphia. It did not take long for their brick and mortar location to open on Main Street just a couple years later.

Even just by looking at the store’s red painted facade with Manayunk written out in pizza letters, you can tell it’s going to be great. Pizza Jawn is most known for their thick “grandma” style square pizza made with a seeded bottom and their homemade tomato sauce. This pie is good just the way it is, but it is incredible when it’s topped off with a drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey.

The Goat’s Beard
Next up we have another thick style pizza from none other than The Goat’s Beard. The Goat’s Beard serves up delicious American cuisine and hand crafted cocktails. But don’t let their American roots fool you, they’ve mastered Italian inspired dishes as well. The Goat’s Beard’s Detroit Style pizza is a pan-cooked, rectangular pie that gives pizza a whole new meaning. Their fluffy crust is comparable to a focaccia bread and even has aged cheddar baked onto the sides of the pies. The crust is soft yet also has a crispy bottom and they do not shy away from piling on a plethora of delicious toppings, bringing you a euphoric experience.

A must try pie at The Goat’s Beard is their “Smoke Show.” This picture-worthy and smoking hot pie will blow your mind away when you get a glimpse of it as your server carries it to your table. The Smoke Show is made with their signature red sauce, Italian sausage, pepperoni, basil and oregano. It also has 4 different cheeses: mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and a couple dollops of ricotta.

Marchiano’s Bakery
Marchiano’s Bakery of Philadelphia has sat at 4653 Umbria Street since 1981, but their Italian baking journey goes even further back. The Marchiano family started out baking breads in the basement of their family home a few years prior to opening up their brick and mortar just across the street.The Marchiano family has been a part of the Manayunk community for years and they take great pride in their Italian foods that they get to share with the neighborhood.

The bakery is home to delicious tomato pies and specialty breads. Their specialty breads are stuffed with a variety of fillings – from breakfast breads, to broccoli cheddar, sausage and peppers, cheesesteak and more. These are loved as an appetizer or can even be the main course.

The real crowd pleaser are their larger than life Philadelphia tomato pies. This sheet pan, rectangular, savory pie is perfect for sharing with others whether you’re hosting or attending an event. It can be enjoyed hot, or even cold, and at any time of the day. Their tomato pies are rolled by hand, doused in crushed tomatoes, olive oil and spices before being topped off with grated parmesan cheese.

Not only do they have traditional tomato pie, they make one with cheesesteak on it too! How much more Philly can you get? Stop by their bakery to meet the Marchianos and try their mouth-watering tomato pies.

Manayunk Brewing Company
Alongside the Schuylkill River in what was once an old woolen mill lies the Manayunk Brewing Company. Since opening in 1996, Manayunk Brewing Co has served delicious food and over 600 different beers to thousands of customers over the years. They are home to one of the largest outdoor decks in the City of Philadelphia. This restaurant is perfect for any occasion from casual catch ups, to wedding receptions and more. You can dine inside, out, or even take a seat at one of their many bars. If you are a Manayunk local and having some family over to visit – this is the spot to take them!

There is something for everyone at the dinner table when visiting the Manayunk Brewing Company. They have an incredibly diverse menu from burgers to sushi, but we’re here to focus on Italian pies! Featured on their menu are flatbread style pizzas. The fig jam flatbread is a unique spin on your average flatbread. The thin crust is smothered in fig jam and caramelized onions before it makes its way to the oven. Then it is topped off with feta cheese and fresh arugula.

Jakes and Cooper’s
Nestled next to the quiet alley of Ring Street is Jake’s and Cooper’s Wine Bar. For over 35 years, this restaurant has been a staple to Main Street Manayunk. Visitors can dine in the restaurant and purchase their favorite wine at the wine shop inside. This spot is elegant, unique, and convenient for wine-loving locals! Somewhere in between fine dining and affordability lies this Philadelphia gem.

When you think of food at Jake’s and Cooper’s, your mind may go right to their award winning crab cakes, but they have pizza options available too. On their menu, you’ll find coal fired pizzas like “Lisa’s Pizza,” named after Bruce Cooper’s wife. “Lisa’s Pizza is more colorful than your average pizza- it is not just your typical red sauce pie.” – says Bruce Cooper Jr. This personal pie is decorated with artichokes, oven-roasted tomatoes, olives, spinach and mozzarella cheese.

They have 8 other unique pizzas including their peach & chorizo pie, mission fig, and short rib. Each option has decadent toppings that are guaranteed to give you an unforgettable dining experience.

The Couch Tomato Manayunk
The famous Couch Tomato has been a part of the Manayunk community for over 20 years. Just off of Main Street, you can find this cozy eatery on Rector Street. This two-concept restaurant is perfect for grabbing takeout for game day, a romantic date night, or catching up with your friends over lunch. Indulge in this local treat onsite or take it home.

Upstairs in the “bistro”, you’ll find tableside service and an expanded food and cocktail menu. Staples here are their famous tomato soup and hefty salads packed with flavor. On the ground floor they run their “cafe” featuring grab-and-go counter service. On this menu, you can find pizzas, sandwiches, their salads, and more. You can order their artisan pizzas as a personal pie, or a large pie for sharing with others.

One of their many unique dishes is none other than the Godfather pie, a refreshing take on pizza… an offer you can’t refuse. This pizza’s base is a roasted garlic spread, already off to a tasty start! Piled on is farmers cheese, arugula, and roasted red peppers. Come to think of it – you might want to make this a personal pie and keep it all to yourself. It is then topped with prosciutto, grana padano, and garnished with a balsamic reduction glaze.

New Leaf II
New Leaf Manayunk is an independently-owned restaurant serving authentic and delicious Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Their large menu has dim sum, noodle dishes, an abundant list of sushi dishes, and so much more. When reading through their plentiful dining options, you’ll come across a peculiar plate called “Sushi Pizza.”

This is prepped similar to your regular pizza, a round shaped crust that is cut into triangles. But, you won’t find marinara on this one.

New Leaf’s Sushi pizza is packed with umami flavors, and just a little bit of spice. The pizza ‘dough’ is really a thin and flaky scallion pancake. A perfect base for delicious toppings. Toppings include raw sushi, salmon, tuna, lots of roe, and a drizzle of spicy mayo. The pie is sliced and then arranged on a decorative wooden platter. This dish brings a whole new meaning to the work pizza!

Mia Ragazza
Buon cibo, Buon vino, Buoni amici | Good food, good wine and good friends
On the corner of Main and Gay Streets is Manayunk’s newest Italian restaurant, Mia Ragazza. Brought to you by the owners of The Goat’s Beard is a Central Italian inspired dining experience. On their menu, you’ll find handmade pasta, delicious entrees, and Roman-style pizza. Amongst their delicious cuisine is the shrimp and artichoke pizza. This pie has a crispy crust and is topped with pickled red onions, mozzarella, and a basil pesto sauce.

There is no need to travel to Rome when you can visit Mia Ragazza.

Eda’s Pizzaria
Inside Lucky’s Last Chance branch off, you’ll find small and local businesses running in a collaborative location that owner Chris Barnes describes as a mini Reading Terminal Market. Just up Ridge Avenue, you’ll find Lucky’s trading Co. which is home to a few businesses including Eda’s Pizzeria. Eda’s Pizzeria is the new neighbor everyone wants to (and should) meet! This hot new pizza joint, named after Chris’ grandmother, brings New Haven style “Apizza” to the Roxborough/Manayunk neighborhood. These Connecticut inspired pies have a soft and chewy crust with a charred crisp.

On their menu of 8 unique pies you’ll find their one of a kind signature pie. Eda’s serves up deliciousness with their white pie that is topped with sausage and broccoli rabe. This Pie is a combination of bold flavors that will give you an unforgettable experience.

Pizzeria L’Angolo
On the corner of Main Street and Shurs Lane, you’ll travel to Italy at Pizzeria L’Angolo -serving rustic Italian recipes. Relax in their enclosed outdoor seating area, and grab a slice of pizza with a few garlic knots on the side. You’re in for a great time!

Pizzeria L’Angolo serves a wide array of pizzas with plenty of different combinations of toppings. They serve traditional round pizza, triangle slices, and pizza della nonna (square).

If you’re a meat lover, try out their Carnivora: a red pie with sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, mozzarella, and prosciutto. One slice is enough to satisfy your hunger. If you are more of a white pie person, their buffalo pie is for you! The buffalo pie has chicken, blue cheese, and mozzarella.

Franzone’s Manayunk
Underneath the Cresson Street train tracks, you’ll find a little slice of Italy within Franzone’s Manayunk. Sitting on the corner of Levering St and Cresson St, rests this pizzeria, whose sister restaurants have been a part of the Philadelphia region since 1955.

What sets Franzone’s apart from the others is their sauce and how they prepare their pizza. In contrast to the other pizzerias, their classic red sauce differs in its unexpected and subtle sweetness. If you’re a fan of sweet red sauce, Franzone’s is for you. They also do something a bit unheard of – the cheese is put on the pie before the sauce is. Each bite into a franzone’s pizza you’ll get the perfect cheese-to-sauce ratio. At Franzone’s, you can build your own custom pie, find pizzeria traditions, or try out a gourmet selection.

Just a few of the many delicious options include a margarita pie and their cheese steak pie. On the margarita you’ll devour mozzarella cheese, red sauce, and fresh basil. Their cheesesteak pie has their regular red sauce, but amps things up with fried onions and thin beef steak – Philly style!

Riverside Pizza
Kalí óreksi! We are going Greek! Riverside pizza is where Greek food meets Italian. Owners Bob and Maria brought this family shop to the Manayunk area in 1990 and it has been a Manayunk mainstay ever since. Though they have traditional pizzas, Riverside is also known for their famous Greek Salads, fantastic gyros, sandwiches, strombolis, and more! It is a great takeout joint and you are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser when taking Riverside Pizza to your next gathering.

If you can’t decide on Greek or Italian, Riverside has the perfect option on their menu. The Greek Pizza is destined to satisfy both of those Mediterranean cravings. The Greek Pizza starts off as your classic cheese pie, but its toppings make it so much more. The pie is embellished with red onions, green peppers, feta cheese, and kalamata olive. You can order it as a red or white pie.

Mike’s Pizza
Mike’s Pizza is your classic takeout pizza joint. They are most known for their late night hours and convenience. You can grab individual slices to go and so much more including burgers, strombolis, appetizers, and gourmet pies. If you’re feeling risky, try out their Hawaiian pie with honey baked ham and pineapple.

They have a variety of custom pies, but their classic cheese pizza is their biggest hit. They have large pies with soft dough and cheesy goodness. This spot is sure to satisfy your late night cravings or quick lunch fix.

Benny Peretti’s
Opening November 2023 is a branch of Virginia based Benny’s Pizzeria.Their motto is “Easy. Breezy. Delicious. Benny’s Pizza.” They focus on the simplicity within pizza – serving only three different options of their 28’ pie. You can order a classic cheese pie, a pepperoni pie, or one topped with Italian sausage. Benny’s began on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, but has since expanded to having multiple locations within 5 different states. Benny Peretti’s in Manayunk is their first and only location in Philadelphia. On your next lunch break, grab a slice from Benny’s on Cotton and Main.

Manayunk is home to a large array of pizzaries, but you’ll never get bored of pizza here.
Every single location has their definition as to what pizza can be. Step outside of the box,
and try something new!