Made With Love

A Gift Guide of Locally Sourced Products to Inspire You this Holiday Season.

Shop through some of the best storefronts Manayunk has to offer and gift that special someone something you can guarantee was made with love right here in Philadelphia.
Written by Julia Gasarowski • Photos by Susan Beard

Johnny Destructo’s Hero Complex,
Original Designs

Come geek out at Johnny Destructo’s Hero Complex with a custom drawing of your favorite characters. Whether it’s the Scarlet Witch or Carcaptor Sakura or even your own creation, JD can help you bring these characters into your home. JD’s store features a variety of original graphic tees ranging from a comic lover’s dream shirt to a Philly stan’s new statement piece. Along with all his original work, JD offers a multitude of comic books, both vintage and new to warm any comic lover’s heart.

Featured: Gritty “Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia” Pin & T-shirt, “Plant Parenthood” Pin, Sticker & T-Shirt, “America Runs on Dungeons” Keychain + sticker

Iluminé Gallery, Handmade Jewelry

Whether your friends prefer silver or gold people, Iluminé has you covered. Offering effortless pieces from local Philadelphia artist Bopbe, Iluminé has everything you need. With their staple “three ball” design, Bopbe offers an elevated look to an everyday piece. While there, make sure to check out all the other beautiful creations Iluminé has to offer such as original pieces by the owner Lynda Berdin. Her colorful beaded necklaces are the perfect subtle statement piece to spice up an outfit!

Featured: Three Ball Hoop Earring by Bopbe & Original Pieces by Lynda Berdin

Latitudes & Longitudes,
Handmade Wooden Ornaments

Enter the holiday season with some new Philadelphia centric decor handmade from the owner of Latitudes & Longitudes, Meredith Podob. Introducing Liberty by Latitudes, Meredith offers a variety of ornaments, keychains, and earrings. These wooden etched ornaments are the perfect addition to any tree this year.

Featured: Manayunk Bridge Ornament, Philadelphia Skyline Ornament,
Pennsylvania Outline Ornaments

LILA Philadelphia, Luce Candles
Need a little addition to spice up an end table? Well, LILA has the solution for you with their pieces by Luce Candles. With a range from rainbows to silhouettes, Luce offers hand-poured candles of organic beeswax to fit any aesthetic. Based in Manayunk, Luce delivers from studio to storefront. So next time you stop in LILA to revamp your style, make sure to do the same for your home. Read more about Luce Candles and the owner Louie on page 45.

Featured: Art Deco Rainbow Candle & Bubble Cube Candle

The Little Apple, Sarah Brett Ceramics
Elevate your budding flowers with handmade ceramic holders by Sarah Brett Ceramics. “Butt Buds” is Brett’s largest ceramic collection, in which she features bodies of all different shapes, sizes, and color as plant holders. Sold at The Little Apple, Brett’s ceramics are the perfect addition to any windowsill. While there, make sure to shop around and check out what else they have to offer.

Featured: Silhouette Wine Cup & “Butt Buds” Planter

Main Street Music, Local Artists’ Albums
Girl, put your record on and listen to what Philly musicians have to offer! Main Street Music has a great CD collection of local bands and artists to expand your library. They offer albums from Indie Rock like The Tisburys and Friendship to Alternative Power Pop like Travel Lanes. Next time you stop in to pick up your favorite musician’s record, make sure to check out the “Local Artist” section by the entrance.

Featured: “Exile On Main Street” by The Tisburys and “On” by Travel Lanes

Manayunk Development Corporation,
Neighborhood Merchandise

Celebrate your town pride with some MNYK merchandise. From t-shirts to hats and totes, we have all one can need to represent their neighborhood in style. Each item comes in a variety of bold colors to make your love standout amongst the crowd.

Pilgrim Roasters, Whole Bean Coffee
Warm your hands from the winter morning chill with a hot cup of coffee. Ethically sourced from farms across the world, Pilgrim Roasters showcases each region through bags of non-blended whole bean coffee. Roasted right in the house, once a week they spend six hours perfecting their Scandinavian Style, medium-light roast coffee. With multiple beans curated to specific tastes, Pilgrim Roasters has a cup for every caffeinated desire. Feeling a lazy Saturday morning coming on? Brew a cup of Cafe Tio Conejo and relax. Need to be energized? Try the citrus undertones of the Rwandan Kanzu. No matter what side of the bed you wake up on, Pilgrim Roasters has your back. Read more about Pilgrim Roasters on page 37.

Featured: Costa Rica Roger Urena’s SL-28 and Columbia Orlando Sanchez’ Geisha whole bean coffee

Susan Beard Design Co., Regal Beagles
Know someone who treats their pets like royalty? Well why not make them actual royalty with Regal Beagle’s custom pet portrait designs. As part of Susan Beard Design Company, Susan offers two ways to celebrate furry friends: Waxworks or Renaissance. Waxworks offers an elevated artistic take on the best pet picture you have, while Renaissance adds your furry friend onto a famous renaissance portrait. Whether you truly want a regal beagle or just painting without your pet’s royal status, Susan offers what every pet lover dreams.

Featured: Two Custom Regal Beagle Pet Portraits

Safa Plant Co., Houseplants & Tea
We all have a plant parent in our lives, so what’s better than gifting them another leafy bundle of joy? Head to Safa Plant Company and take a trip through the plant wonderland of dreams full of houseplants and ceramics. For those more mastered in caretaking, Safa also offers a wide variety of rare plants desired by many. While exploring what Safa has to offer, be sure to pick up a cup of premium tea and a Persian inspired small plate to complete your experience.

Featured (from left to right): Scindapsus Silver Satin, Variegated String of Hearts, Snow Queen Pathos

The Spiral Bookcase, Local Philadelphia Authors
Cuddle up with a book and light a candle to ease your way into the holiday season stress free. From fiction to folklore, these local Philadelphia based authors are bound to have a story suited to your fantastical desires. With the inclusion of crystals, tarot, and self-care products, The Spiral Bookcase offers a way to heal your mind beyond just reading a good book. Bring the ambience of the store with you by purchasing some of Witch’s Way Craft Candles, including a special scent curated specifically for the store and cast a spell of relaxation over your mind.

Featured: “Earth is Full: Go Back Home” by Monica Robinson & “The StoryTeller” and Goddess Candles by Witch’s Way Craft Candles

Urbanburb Furniture,
Custom Woodworking

If you’re in the market for high quality, custom woodworking, look no further; Urbanburb Furniture offers a great selection of original pieces. Whether it’s a new side table to bring life to the empty space by your couch or a colorful board to spruce up your already whimsical charcuterie boards. And don’t forget the matching coasters! Urbanburb is the perfect place to scoop out a one of a kind gift to level up any home.

Featured: UB Custom Maple & Green Epoxy Live Edge Bench