2020 GOALS: Meet Your Resolutions With the Help of Manayunk Shops

Once the holiday dust settles at the end of December, it’s time to look forward to 2020. Do you have your resolutions set? Let Manayunk business owners help you navigate the new year with a few product suggestions from their very own shops!

By Renin Broadnax, Meghan Sack and Mike Zocco
Photography by TERRYLEAHYFILMS (terryleahyfilms.com)


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT: Buy yourself a bodysuit or robe from Expect Lace (4403 Main Street)

Owner of Expect Lace, Shaw Lewis, believes lingerie is one of those things that makes you feel good about yourself.

“At the end of the night, to put on a nice bodysuit or a gorgeous robe really helps set the tone for tomorrow,” Shaw said.

Shaw prides herself on understanding three things: women, self-care, and lingerie. At her store you will find all that and more! Shaw has been in the lingerie business for 15 years and brings with her all that knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect bodysuit or robe to make you feel on top of the world.

Not only does she sell quality products but the fit of her designer garments cater to men and women of all shapes and sizes. Go confidently into Expect Lace knowing you’ll find something lovely for yourself that will fit you just right.

“I think in today’s day and age, self care is really important so I feel like lingerie is something that women should incorporate into their personal self care regimen,” Shaw added. “We just want women to feel comfortable knowing that we carry their size. I know for me personally if I walk passed a store, it’s discouraging to know that they will not have my size.”

An all-natural sunless tan skin care treatment at Vacay Beauty (4450 Main Street)
Brazilian Wax and Spa by Claudia brand Ingrown Hair Serum at Brazilian Wax and Spa by Claudia (4370 Main Street)


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT: Take a class at Hidden River Yarns (4358 Main Street)

Learning something new can provide a healthy start to the new year! This winter, set aside some time to learn how to knit or crochet — a skill that will come in handy with the cold weather!

“It’s good for relaxation!” said Lisa Johnson, owner of Hidden River Yarns. “There are also health benefits to knitting and crocheting due to the small repetitive movements. There are studies that show that it prevents Alzheirmers and dementia when you are an adult.”

Hidden River Yarns offers private lessons at $25/hour. On select Saturdays, you can sign up for a “Stitch Fix” and get two hours of help with your project from a professional for $10.

“Some people look at knitting and crocheting as an expensive hobby because of the supplies but if you weigh it out over the time and the enjoyment you are having, it’s worth it!” Lisa said. “Then, when you are done you have sweater, a hat, or gloves that you will have for a very long time. Plus, when you are walking down the street, you will never see someone wearing the same clothes as you!”

Adult Ballet Class at Merge Dance Studio (4047 Main Street)
Free Trial Class in Beginner Aerials at Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness (4151 Main Street)


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT: Browse the racks at Nicole Miller (4249 Main Street)

Still wearing that pea coat from college? Head to Nicole Miller to refresh your look this upcoming year! They have a fantastic selection of brand new real and faux fur jackets and vests for this holiday season. Nicole Miller is also the place to get the perfect new bomber jacket you’ve been searching for, or keep extra warm with their fur lined denim jacket and style it with a modern, hip scarf.

“We have a wide range of customers aging from 13 to 80, so there is something here at Nicole Miller for everybody,” said store manager, Samantha Sciolla. “Refreshing your wardrobe is a form of self care, especially in a time where we are all motivated to do better for ourselves.”
The Nicole Miller brand emphasizes the importance of loving the way you look. It is of great importance to the designer line that you want to invest in clothing of high quality that makes you feel great because style is important.

“Nicole Miller can and will fulfill that need,” Samantha added.
The store offers “closet cleanouts” to customers giving you the perfect opportunity to refresh your wardrobe without any stress.

Hi-rise jeans from brands Agolde and Citizens of Humanity at Threads (4353 Main Street)
Collection of cozy knit sweaters from Greek designers Karavan Clothing and Moutaki, in colors like dusty mint, sapphire blue, petrol and mustard at LILA Fashion International (4339 Main Street)


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT: Shop at Philadelphia Runner for new athletic wear (4358 Main Street)

Philadelphia Runner is a staple store for all Philadelphians in the exercising community. The athletic supplier carries everything from cycling shoes and new sneakers, to yoga shorts that will help anyone who is interested in starting or continuing a healthy lifestyle.

“We at Philadelphia Runner believe our products can help people reach their goals no matter what they may be,” said Neil Townsend, store manager of Philadelphia Runner in Manayunk. “It does not have to be someone who runs a ton of miles every week. It could be the people who want to get fit and have fun with whatever they are doing.”

The biggest factor that separates Philadelphia Runner from other stores is that they pride themselves on providing excellent customer service. Neil and his crew are friendly and will be the ones to help you find the tools to achieve your goals in the new year!

“You can find a lot of the products we have in a lot of sporting good stores,” Neil stated. “Some products we have are a little bit different but I think what we do to separate ourselves is provide a very unique and personal experience.”

CSA Program at River City Outpost (4412 Main Street)
Electra Townie Go! Bicycle at Trek Bicycle (4159 Main Street)


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT: 2020 Rifle Paper Co Planners from Pineapple on Main (4347 Main Street)

For the person who is always on the go, Pineapple on Main’s planners from Rifle Paper Co. are the best way to get organized in the new year.
“You can take it with you wherever you go — your purse, your work bag, or when you travel,” said Pineapple on Main owner, Kathy Piccari. “They’re pretty with a purpose.”
The patterns and floral designs will lift your moods and keep you focused on your plans and tasks. In the age of smartphones, one might ask why a paper planner might be needed. If you ask Kathy, there’s no harm in making plans the old school way — physically writing everything down.
“They’re easy, affordable and they make it easier to map out your day, your week or your year — you can see it all,” Kathy said. “They help you focus and plan more extensively rather than throwing a meeting on your phone calendar. However it is best for you to stay organized, this planner will truly give you the resources to do so.”
Get ready to receive tons of compliments on your new planner in meetings, at lunch, and in passing as they travel well and work for you on the go!

Executive Desk from Whole House Furniture (4119 Main Street)
Julie Mollo! clutch bags from Latitudes & Longitudes (4331 Main Street)


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT: Give life to yesterday’s classics at Remix on Main (4355 Main Street)

Customers can expect nothing less than the best at Remix on Main. With their sustainable mindset driving their mission, co-owner Ljupka Malinovska combines saving the planet with fabulous designer clothes.

“Our mission is all about sustainability,” Ljupka said. “There is no need to recreate the wheel — there is very little new under the sun. Remix is all about giving new life to yesterday’s classics. Brands and styles constantly come in and out of style. What was popular 20 or 30 years ago will eventually be tomorrow’s greatest trend.”

Remix on Main is a designer consignment shop with all your favorite brands available. In addition to their mission of sustainability, Remix puts an emphasis on its customer service. This shop carries the best of all the high end brands without the guilt of hurting the environment. In today’s world, you just can’t beat that level of care.

“No one will work harder for the benefit of our dedicated collector’s curators and stylists,” Ljupka added. “It is not just about what we do, it is about what we stand for. Above all else, we are committed to provide excellence service and customer satisfaction to all.”

Consignment dining sets and sofas at Urbanburb Furniture (4313 Main Street)
Pre-loved vinyl records and CDs at Main Street Music (4444 Main Street)


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT: Get book recommendations from the staff at The Spiral Bookcase (112 Cotton St.)

Nothing says cozy like finding a good book in the winter time. The wonderful space at The Spiral Bookcase is the perfect hideaway to find comfort in this year’s resolutions. This quiet nook carries genres ranging from strange sci-fi tales to groundbreaking narratives in contemporary fiction, from occult histories to a page-turning mystery novel. No matter what kind of story you like, they have the book for you. Their booksellers are always happy to make personal recommendations based off your literary preferences.

“Lots of stores sell books but few places offer the same experience that we do,” said shop manager, Victoria Mier.

From their customer experience, personalized recommendations, and careful curation of the books they offer, The Spiral Bookcase is a welcoming small shop for avid readers or those just jumping back into the joy of reading again!

“There’s nothing like the excitement of picking up a new book,” Victoria added.

The Spiral Bookcase offers some of the best books available, from mainstay classics to incredible new releases, all alongside tailored recommendations. From local authors to famous publishers, the curation of their little bookshop is unmatched.

The Watchman Series at Johnny Destructo’s Hero Complex (4327 Main Street)
Unique and independent brands of glasses such as SALT and Anne Valentine Eyewear at The Eyeglass Works (4407 Main Street)


HOW TO ACHIEVE IT: Flour Sack Hang Tight Towel® from The Little Apple (4361 Main Street)

As you roam The Little Apple, there are plenty of reasons to “Ooh” and “Ahh” — and their collection of dish towels are no exception.

“Our dish towels are made to be an everyday item that you should be able to look at throughout your day and make you smile,” said Brandy Deieso, owner of The Little Apple. “It is as simple as a dish towel hanging over your oven, and you walk past it and hopefully it will make you laugh.”

Their comedic dish towels are one of those simple things in life that help you step back and appreciate the little things. With phrases like, “I love you because we hate the same things” and “Shut up liver, you’re fine,” the towels are sure to bring out your inner sarcastic thoughts. These are a great gift for your funny friend or a fabulous pick-me up for those stuck inside a winter lull.

Brandy said she would describe their dish towels as snarky with a light-hearted tone to them. Pick one up for a loved one to make the dreaded dish duty fun again!

Essential Hydro Facial at 1859 Wellness Spa & Salon (4259 Main Street)
14k yellow gold, green Amethyst and diamond ring at Bendi Jewelers (4333 Main Street)