Behind the Register

From baristas to bartenders and the friendly faces behind the counter of your favorite shop, meet Manayunk’s movers and shakers who are behind the scenes helping Manayunk businesses thrive! By Madeline Corre...

Behind the Lens: Meet Alexa of Alexa Nahas Photography

By Leksey Maltzman • Photos by Alexa Nahas Photography ( It’s probably hard to count how many dozens of times Alexa Nahas’ name has been in the Manayunk Magazine over the past few years. Thre...


A Cut Above the Rest

Sulimay’s Studio on Main offers high-end services with a family-friendly atmosphere. By Megan Douress • Photos by Melis...

Did Someone Say,“Treat?!”

Manayunk’s newest business has tails wagging. By Megan Douress Photography by Alexa Nahas Photography (


Rollin’ With the Changes

Now on wheels, Deke’s Food Truck is one of many recent evolutions of Deke’s Bar-B-Que. By Ainsley Maloney Photography ...


Row Out of Your Comfort Zone

A glimpse into the RowZone experience. By Noel Bartocci • Photos by Melissa Kelly Photography ( Instantly noticeable upon entering RowZone, located at the corner of Main and Leve...

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